Keep Calm & Stay Awesome

Anonymous asked: Anytime! I thinks it's good to send positive messages to people every now and then. Boost confidence and make people happy.

Well thank you so much again!

Anonymous asked: You'll get bigger, don't worry. With all the work you're putting into your body, I'm sure it'll happen soon enough. You're already bigger than you were yesterday. Keep it up!

I really do hope so. Thanks for having faith in me, I really appreciate it. Would just like to see some better results over the next year. Great pep talk ;)

coxontherox asked: Which character from Buffy would you say you are most like? (You can totally list more than one and be as detailed as you want, as I'm sure you relate to different things about different characters)

Hmm that’s a very hard one actually, because as much as I love the show, it’s never been a case of ‘oh I relate to him/her’ so much.

One character I have seen a lot of myself though is Dawn. I know she gets so much hate, and a lot of the reason she’s annoying in season 5/6 to me is because I see a lot of what I was like as a kid – the whining, the emotion, having trouble trying to figure out where you fit… Then she gets a lot cooler in season 7 which I completely empathise with XD

Anonymous asked: Loving the progress pictures! You're looking bigger with each one. Keep up the hard work! :)

Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. I hope I can manage to get a hell of a lot bigger though